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See Angkor Guide bases in Siem Reap, Angkor, the tourist city in Cambodia, where the Angkor World Heritage located is. We specialize to organize package tours  inbound, and offer experienced tour guides who can speak, English, German, French, Spainish, japaness, Chiness, Korean, and trained by the ministry of tourism, since 1998, experienced around twenty years for tourism industry and already knew history about Angkor, with creative of guiding, punctaulity, flexibility,and responsibility. Our clients that we offeresd good services moreover, they never said regret to their trips with us.
we have arranged package tours several years in Siiem Reap, such eco tours, trekking, biking, boating,city sightseeing and ancient temples in the surrounding areas of Angkor. Actaullly, also we offer many kinds of vechicles rental to Angkor and to other tourist influent areas in Cambodia.

Angkor archaeological Site
Angkor is situated seven kilometers on the north of Siem Reap tourist town in Cambodia. In 1992 Angkor counted as the World Heritage that covered an area of twenty kilometers in squares, means that twenty by twenty, comprising an area four hundred two square kilometers. it also devided into two archaeolical areas, the first area is the core area that contains many large complexes, such as Angkor Wat, Bayon, Angkor Thom, Baphoun, Ta Prohm, Banteay Srei, Pre Rup, Mebon, Preah khan, Neak Pean temples, ... and second area that covered the first area with beautiful, green landscapes. The Angkor is the best attraction for tourists and best  landmarks in the world that rated by tourists in TripAdvisor in 2018.
Angkor Wat temple, is splendid, brilliant, renown, the mega structure and large religious mounument in the World which comprising two hundred hectars in plan, built from massive santhdstones, with three staircases and richly decorated of bas-reliefs details about Hindu episodes, Ramayana and Mahabaratha, besides this we can see many femal devinities on the walls, nichesl, everywhere in it, so-called Apsara, Devatas, and plenty of lintels, pediments with wonderful ornaments,. especially, it is a well-preserved, proportion, stable, especially, it classes as the Khmer souls, of culture and civilization. 
Bayon temple, is located in the heart of Angkor Thom, known as Buddhist temple, built in the late of twelfth century with several smiling visages of Buddhisattva Lokesva or Auvalokesva, a man will become BUDDHA in the future . This temple was built from sandstones with three levels. the first level enclosed by gallery with plenty of stone carvings detailed about the army procession of king Jayavarman VII, The everyday lives of residences, cooking, wrestling, acrobat, marketing... and the naval battle in the great lake Tonle Sap..
Ta Prohm, is a jungle temple, with giant trees Spung, strangling figs grew over, spreaded their root on the top roofs of temple like octopus, waterfall and other monsters. In 2001, the Hoollywood shot the movie Tomb Raiders, since then up to now this temple become the famous temple in mind of all tourists over the world. yes, ofcause, while they visited in Angkor and asked where is the temple with the big roots of trees, please wait for abit until your itinerary runs to.

Siem Reap Tourist City
Siem Reap is most favorite place of tourists, which is settled between the paddy fields, lake, archaeological sites of Angkor and Rolous Group. Anyway, it is the gateway to the temples complexes which target as tourist city since 2000, since then up to nowadays, there has around two hundred luxerious hotels, markets, old market, night market, and super markets in place to supply the tourism. The old market and pub streets located in french colonial center, that role main importances in down town Siem Reap.

Soeun Chamnan was born in 1976, has trained as professional tour guide since 1998, by the ministry of tourism in Cambodia. he has graduated the bachelor degree in faculty of business administrative and economic in, and trained german in Goethe Institute Berlin Germany, in 2006. Especialy, Chamnan experienced twenty years of tourist industry, espcialize of guiging, teaching history, myths, and package tours arrangement in Angkor and its surrounding areas.

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